Digitizing Ideas

For Healthcare Professionals and Patients

For healthcare professionals and patients

The department of technological solutions of Vivactis . PulseTech optimises the deployment of content for Healthcare Professionals and-or Patients using cutting-edge technologies for medical education , eLearning , gamification, 360° Videos, 2D-3D motion design, VR/AR….. It emerged after 10 years of development in response to the exponential growth of new digital tools.

  • Realistic experience
    with creative and original 3D illustrations

  • Customized products
    thanks to direct contact with the client

  • At the forefront of Augmented Reality(AR),
    Virtual Reality (VR), 2D, 3D and 360° Videos, Webinars, Podcasts, E-learnings and Interactive Games

  • Innovation in Digital
    Solutions and Apps for desktop and mobile devices

  • Creative team
    that develops innovative projects

  • Experienced specialists
    in each digital branch

  • More than 10 years
    with a global presence in the digital sector

  • Products that take the consumer
    on a journey on various platforms

  • Measurable impact
    with performance reports

Augmented Reality

Scientific Content


Virtual Reality

Video 3D / 360°