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January 2022

Webinar Bag

For the Horizon 2022 webinar, Vivactis Benelux provided a home - delivered “Event Bag” for registrants who wanted to follow the session in a friendly way. This event bag was sent to them in the form of a box. The content can of course be adapted to your target group (insertion of brochures, documents, etc.)

December 2021

The Belgian Virtual Congress Center

The Health Square virtual congress center hosts a wide range of congresses organised by iCANN Life Sciences every year.

Dedicated to healthcare professionals, they can participate and follow the sessions of these congresses in the Hyperfair virtual platform in a native and intuitive way.

5 events in 2021

19 sponsors

6.570 Visits

November 2021

ViVio guide collection - My Asthma Passport

Practical and interactive... It has been designed to accompany the patient daily and to facilitate dialogue with the medical team. Concise information on the pathology, daily advice, questionnaires to be filled in to monitor the evolution of symptoms or the appearance of side effects, quiz to evaluate patient’s knowledge or any other health parameter... All this in a small format that is handy and easy to fill in.


36 pages

A handy 10x15 cm format

2 languages (French and Dutch)

October 2021

The Belgian Week of Pathology - 11th edition

On the 22-23th October, DME Events - part of Vivactis Benelux - helped to organize the 11th edition of the Belgian Week of Pathology. This annual in-person congress brought together Belgian and International speakers who reviewed the latest advances of both the science underlying pathology and the targets needed for current and future clinical management. Moreover, residents presented the results of their research and the most interesting disease entities to pathologists, trainees and cytotechnologists.


300 participants

29 partners

32 Belgian and International speakers

6 countries

September 2021

Webinar Asthma & Allergies - Horizon Tour

This webinar was dedicated to asthma and allergies, led by 4 Belgian experts, Professor Charles Pilette and Doctor Xavier Van Der Brempt for the French version and Professor Brusselle and Professor Ebo for the Dutch version.


544 registered HPCs

357 participants

66% participation rate

2 days

August 2021

Digitalizing Ideas

The department of technological solutions of Vivactis. PulseTech optimises the deployment of content for Healthcare Professionals and-or Patients using cutting-edge technologies for medical education, eLearning, gamification, 360° Videos, 2D-3D motion design, VR/AR, etc. It emerged after 10 years of development in response to the exponential growth of new digital tools.

20 countries

60+ customers

100+ pathologies

500+ projects